Direction of Design

Two Dimensional Field by Zettl—Sight, Sound, Motion: Applied Media Aesthetics

Field forces on the screen which serve to clarify and intensify events

Images are so powerful because of how the speak to us. There is an inherent message in how the objects on every screen is organized. Essentially I interpret this to mean point of view. As Zettl was discussing tilting planes I guessed that a similar affect might be drawn from a bird in the sky. I almost felt a little nauseated   by watching the video below.

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Money Corrupting Blogging?

Chapter 6 of Rettberg’s book— Blogging Brands

Blogging for profit—impurity or purity?

Some may argue that blogging has become tainted because of micropatronage, sponsored posts, and advertising on blogs. Others may argue that a mere hobby has been enhanced and revitalized into a legitimate profession. Personally—I agree with both.

When I google popular blogging books. Many of the books are fully focused on blogging for profit.

The two books below are just a few examples.

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