Making a Website

So many options, So much to consider—users, strategy, scope, and platform

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I am creating a website to showcase all of my work in this Digital Communications class along with outside work that I have produced. First, I must consider who the users of this site will realistically be.

        • potential employers
        • admissions people
        • me

Hence, I prompted to consider the probing questions? (this is my strategy)

        • What brand do I wish to portray?
        • What message do I wish to convey?
        • What is so important about me that my website users should easily gather by browsing my site?

There are 2 major parts to strategy:

  • External strategy—what I want my users to get/learn/do from my site
  • Internal strategy—what I want to accomplish/get out of it/convey

I believe that the most importance piece of my strategy is to insure that users can easily gather a sense of who I am by browsing the website. Furthermore, I hope this appearance is marketable and appealing. However, I plan to ultimately just be true to myself in the site I produce because I believe the worst mistake would be to present myself as someone I am not, even if this person is more appealing to one viewing my website.

Lastly, the scope entails all the pieces which must fluidly work together.

  1. features and functions that constitute the site 
    • resume
    • works from digital communications
    • deliverables
  2. content requirements
    • information and how its presented
  3. functional specs
    • what tools are available for users to accomplish what they need to do
    • contact form/ email link

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