Technology shaping our Future?

Part 3 of Virilio’s book— Open Sky

cyberspace, eye lust, second life, earth village, and so forth . . .

I have to admit that my interest in virtual worlds was spiked after reading Virilio Part 1 and Virilio Part 2. Consequently, I decide to try Second Life out. I joined for free and was apprehensive of becoming addicted. However, quite to my surprise I was not that blown away at all. I spent approximately an hour “engaged” in Second Life and then my interest was completely lost. There were not nearly the number of activities I expected to find or people to converse with. Furthermore, I found Second Life not to be a very welcoming place. 

olympics_003 secondlife

In Part 3 Virilio continues on his far fetched ideas from the previous sections, but even takes a farther out into ambiguity in Chapter 3.

“Vision is no longer the possibility of seeing, but the impossibility of not seeing”—this quote by Gary Hill and cited by Virilio resonates quite strongly with me.

It depicts the current problem of seeing everything which is plaguing our society. We want to see absolutely everything and we are looking everywhere to see what we are “supposed” to be seeing.

What we miss—the minuscule little things that are the most important.

Virilio furthers this idea when he discusses how we are already seeing the world through a lens which serves as a barrier with the “real”. I peer out from behind my sunglasses, I gaze out from behind my car window, or even glare infixed on the TV screen.

An obvious advantage of technology is earth village and the shrinking conception of the world around us. We can essentially be wherever, whenever.


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