People as Robots

Part 2 of Virilio’s book— Open Sky

Process of dehumanization as we transform from humans to machines

In Part 2 Virilio furthers his discussion from Part 1 and again his arguments are quite intriguing. As an information technology major I am an obvious proponent for the benefits of technology, but I am also very wary of how far technology could potentially take us.


Discussing this topic now becomes very interdisciplinary—philosophy, religion, biology, genetics, technology all come into play. From a biological and genetical standpoint Virilio discusses how machines may assist with functions inside of our bodies. He refers to this idea as transplation revolution—and its already happening. Current advances in medicine typically further this phenomenon of transplation revolution.

I think the most scary thought to consider is how much technology actually limits us. Let me be clear

YES—technology benefits us a society in many ways

NO—I don’t think technology is the end all, be all answer to human advancement

As technology progresses further I believe that the limitations will become more salient. For now we can consider the technology that we use and its far reaching effects. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on are all formatted in a certain way. We can express ourselves and communicate through this designated format but through each of these mediums we are limited from any sort of further expression.

Lastly, consider the number of morbidly obese people today. There are many factors that goes into this—but isn’t technology one? I’m just saying . . .  Its something to think about  . . . .


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