Money Corrupting Blogging?

Chapter 6 of Rettberg’s book— Blogging Brands

Blogging for profit—impurity or purity?

Some may argue that blogging has become tainted because of micropatronage, sponsored posts, and advertising on blogs. Others may argue that a mere hobby has been enhanced and revitalized into a legitimate profession. Personally—I agree with both.

When I google popular blogging books. Many of the books are fully focused on blogging for profit.

The two books below are just a few examples.

           16115265                    3176878

As the field of technology continues to grow, and more specifically blogging, more opportunities become available. Would we be remiss not to capitalize on these opportunities for personal gain (profit)?

Coryell and MarkellI do recognize that blogging began as internet diary of sorts. For many, this was their full understanding of blogging—now and then.

Blogging was a means by which anyone could voice their opinions  without these opinion being distorted by the media.

However, I believe that one can blog as a means of profit while staying true to themselves and the purpose of their blog. As Retterberg discusses, staying true to your blog becomes quite difficult when one is payed for sponsored posts. Sponsored posts dictate the content of a blog and in turn remove the blogger’s voice; the blogger is no longer free to voice any whimsical opinion.

In contrast, advertisements on a blog seem to add legitimacy. The advertisements convey the message that the blog is popular, popular enough that advertising companies will pay the blogger to display their advertisement alongside the blogger’s message.

I assume that a blog is more amateur if it does not have advertisements.

Micropatronage allows for the blogger to stay 100% true to their purpose in blogging but it this method is simply not as lucrative. Even if I really like a blog I would rarely take the time or money to donate. However, in micropartronage there is not even slight chance that the media will distort the message of the blog.

Blogging is all about the audience. I think one must ask them-self—what is purpose in blogging? If it is to make money, then great—advertise away. Is it intended to be a diary of sorts? Then maybe it isn’t worth it to make a few bucks off your blog.

Inherently blogs are personal and thus this must be a personal decision by the blogger.

Lastly, I think we must go back to rudimentary basis of blogs. Blogs gain authenticity through subjective opinion instead of a blogger unsuccessfully attempting to stay objective. Popular blogs today vary in subject matter, but there is a common thread—passion.

These are blogs where the author is truly passionate about what he is writing about. At the base of this passion is emotion and truly feeling. And this is how I believe we relate to the bloggers and these blogs remain popular.

Take a look at popular blogs like Dooce (a personal blogger), the Huffington post, and even TechCrunch. In all cases you find passion and emotions as the inherent base.


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