Critique of the Guardian

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.37.07 No Breaks!

What is your first impression of the site? Think of the “3 second rule.” 

  • distracting
  • cluttered
  • topics are well organized
  • logo looks professional/classy/legit
  • Edition for each country who owns copyright to the guardian

How does this site establish credibility? How does it establish trust? Or does it? 

Credibility is establish through current events, showing the times of the most recent update done of the site, timeliness of articles and an attempt to reduce objectivity

Credibility: pictures are relevant, timeliness/ current events ex. “updated less than a minute ago”, use of AP

Authentic Voice: attempt to not be objective, “being real”with the audience

Genuine: providing information about current events, wanting to provide the audience with knowledge of current events

Transparency: last update, admitting mistakes, not hiding flaws

What is the general writing style?

Simple, not complex, not wordy, straightforward,

journalistic feel

who, what, when, where, why, how

not generally biased

Does the writer IDENTIFY with his or her readers, or not? How (or why not)?

The writers do a good job relating to the readers because they are presenting the facts.  It is even easier for the reader to related to the article if they agree with the bias of the writer and the article.

Does the writing style get to the point?

Yes. The writers get to the point by presenting the facts.  They make use of the reverse pyramid very well.  Each article starts very broad and then gets into more detail as the article progresses.

How is the information arranged, both within articles and the site generally? Is it arranged in reverse pyramid style?

The information is arranged with the most important information presented towards the top of the article and the more specific details later in the article and further down the page.

Is content shaped for scanning? How is the content layered?

Scanning is very easy.  Each story has a picture and a quick one sentence introduction.

Is the tone or rhythm of the site consistent throughout?

The tone is seemingly consistent.  Each article seems to be formatted the same way.


How does the site use headlines?

Short and to the point, simple

How does it use links? Effectively or not?

Links are effective but there are only a few within each article.  Each article could use a few more hyperlinks.

How is multimedia used? Is it distracting? How is it displayed on the site? Does the multimedia tell the same story as the text, or a different side of the story?

There are pictures and videos used. The pictures are boring and distracting at the same time. There are lots of pictures on the homepage.  Each article generally has one, sometimes two pictures. Videos are an added touch to the website either covering life events or important reports.

How does the site “package” stories?

Each story on the homepage is packaged into one sentence with a picture.  This makes finding interesting stories easy.  However, the amount of stuff on the homepage is distracting thereby making it difficult to concentrate.

How are graphics used?

Pictures are used everywhere on the homepage.  One picture per article.

Too cluttered?

Yes, very cluttered on the homepage.

Are the graphics consistent throughout the site, and consistent to the brand?

Yes, there is consistency throughout the entire site.  This makes the site easy to use and easy to follow. The site is consistent with  brand as well because the brand is one that  follows news in a vast variety of subjects.

Do they encourage or discourage use, and how?

The easy-to-use aspect of the site encourages the users to stay on the site.  Links are well used and integrated into each article.

Can each page stand on its own?

Each article can stand alone but they need the homepage in order to be accessible.  The homepage, while it could use a little better organization, does a great job presenting each article as its own, independent article.

How is the navigation? Do you get lost? Do you always know where you are? How (or why not)?

The site is easy to navigate.  It is very user-friendly.  Each article header on the homepage has a link to the article itself.  Most articles also have links to related articles.  The user is always a quick click away from returning to the homepage.  It is very hard to get lost on this website.

How does the site incorporate/interact with its audience? How does it embody the social aspect of the internet (or does it)?

The site incorporates and interacts with its audience well. It has a large amount of pictures and has good organization however the massive amount of pictures and adds makes it extremely difficult to stay focused on a particular aspect of the site in general.

How would you rate the general user experience of the site? Elaborate.

I would rate the overall general user experience as mediocre. The excessive number of flashing adds tends to detract from the experience.

How would you improve the site?

Less adds and a more cohesive organizational structure


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