Blogging Benefits—Blah, Blah, Blah

Chapter 2 & 3 of Rettberg’s book— Blogging

Proliferation of blogs—how this has occurred and if it is positive
benefits of blogging, people always resistant to change, public sphere, less sense of ownership 
weak ties, distributed network, linking gains popularity for search engines, privacy issues
Resistance to change is human nature, but blogging has become the focal point of a digital revolution.  An interactive revolution in which a public sphere has come to fruition. A revolution which endangers privacy and empowers the people. 

In these chapters Retterberg takes us back through the history of media—all the way to Plato and his resistance to literacy or writing. Humans have always resisted change, often when change was inevitable. Our thought process goes something like—I am used to the old way and it works. Why should I change?

However, change is inevitable and I would contend that it most often affects us positively. The transition from orality to literacy has 6 main positive benefits outlined by Einstein.

  1. Dissemination
  2. Standardization
  3. Reorganization
  4. Data collection
  5. Preservation
  6. Amplification and Reinforcement

These obvious benefits are also seen in blogging and all of digital media. However, the transition to blogging and digital media has it own unique set of benefits. Danah boyd, popular blogger and researcher, outline these.

  1. Persistence
  2. Search-ability
  3. Replicability
  4. Invisible Audiences

Blogging lets everyone have a voice. Anyone who a computer and access to the internet can create blog as well as provide insight on the blogs of others. This new age of digital media has improved from literature because there is less of a sense of ownership in blogs and the internet in general. Blogs are constantly evolving and less like a physical text or literature that may be copyrighted.



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