Intuitive Design with a Touch of Tenacity

Chapter 4 & 7 of Brian Carroll’s book— Writing for Digital Media

Headlines, hyperlinks, personal blogging and blogging as a journalist

In digital communications webpages/website are only successful when adapted for the user. Headlines allow for ease of scan-ability.  Hyperlinks allow connection to a community.

Headlines are everywhere in digital communications. Often you or I may get our news through glancing through headlines and not actually reading the content of any articles. Actually you cant help but do this. Consider the homepage of three popular news sites— CNN, FOX, & ABC


Chapter 7- list of 10 steps for better blogging

1) Write every day

2) Schedule your blogging time

3) Authentic

4) Carve out a niche

5) Be curious and take lots of notes

6) Engage

7) Learn the software

8) Promote yourself

9) Break up the text

10) Be ethical

To blog we need to be tenacious. We have to be dedicated and follow the rules of the game. It takes dedication to write everyday and to be diligent in the manner in which we blog. Our thoughts have to be structured and have a purpose. Furthermore, we have to write in an appealing manner by breaking up text and more. The point—its not easy to have a great blog but with due diligence it is possible.


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