Who Blogs?

I’m Jake, a sophomore a Furman, and a student in Digital Communications 121. I’m excited for this class because it lies at heart of where my main interests, interacting with people and technology, intersect. Currently I am a declared major in Information Technology and plan to declare Communications in the near future. I’m interested in basically everything and at a liberal arts school this has been quite frustrating. Furman offers the resources to fulfill my insatiable desire for varying disciplines, and subsequently, it is hard to solidify any type of career path. But now it has all changed. I truly feel that I am on the brink of discovering my career path through this class. Just recently, I rediscovered the brilliance of information technology without meticulous and mundane programming. The breadth of opportunity in Information Technology is most conspicuous in digital communications. I am on the brink of discerning where I best fit in the expansive overlapping fields of information technology and communications and this could not be more invigorating.

Hence, my main goal for this class is to discover passion in Digital Communications. Additionally, I will strive to better articulate myself via technology. I want to become better at manipulating pictures and words so that they persuasively portray the message I intend to argue. Fundamentally, I must strive to less verbose and more concise. Regardless of the medium, words will only hold the attention of an audience for so long. However, images can often tell a full story with just a glance. More specifically I plan to hone skills on Photoshop so that I can most effectively create and manipulate images.

There are a plethora of topics which can be explored through digital media. Currently, I am considering three topics. First, I consider privacy, which has become quite salient in digital media. Is Edward Snowden a hero or a villain?  Where do we draw line between national security and personal privacy? Do the tracking devices on our cell phones not invade our privacy? What about the adds on the side of our webpage which advertise the product we were shopping for last week on a different computer? Another topic I consider is bipartisanship. In ever polarizing political system, the art of meeting in the middle and agreeing for the good all is often lost. Lastly, I am most interested in exploring how my generation harnesses that power of technology to discover and portray their passion. I have a friend who bird watches and loves it. Would his passion be anywhere close to the same without a camera? Or what about the blind child who decided to try painting with a computer? Technology can be a conduit for the expression and exploration of many passions. In my room I have a poster depicting the beauty of trees as the change colors and the caption says—“Change is not only inevitable, it is essential to survival. Why fear it or fight it when you can simply embrace it?” Exactly my thoughts on technology.


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